Jennifer Stern

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In the time-honoured tradition of itinerant smiths the world over, I am prepared to ply my trade wherever the wind takes me. My tools are a laptop, an enquiring mind and an insatiable curiosity about everything. I love finding out how things work, and exploring new places and, generally, stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. Just a bit.

itinerant wordsmith Jen SternMy raw materials are – of course – words. I mould them, sculpt them, carve them. Fling them into the air to see what happens when they land. I pick up the broken pieces and rearrange them in what seems to me to be a pleasing order. I twist them into unseemly alliances when I compose cryptic crosswords, I beat them into submission when I suspect an errant subjunctive. And I drive them relentlessly, constantly seeking a new phrase, a new way of saying the same thing.

While that might sound cruel, I love and respect my material and my craft. And – while love may be too strong a word – I also respect my audience. And I will endeavour to offer you only the truth – but wrapped up in the most absurd fantasy if I think I can get away with it. I usually do. Smiley face, smiley face.