Coffee Culture – the book

Coffee culture, COFFEE BEANS

Coffee culture

There’s a lot more to coffee – and coffee culture – than you may think. When I was commissioned to write this book with Peter Primich, all I knew about coffee was that I liked it. And that I liked some coffee more than other coffee, but – geez – I had no idea coffee tasting was so flippin hectic. It makes wine tasting look like having a beer down at the pub.

Learning curve

Anyhow – I started off knowing very little about coffee, while Peter knew lots about coffee but not much about writing. Lots of double espressos later, I am some distance along a very steep learning curve about coffee, and Peter is closer to being able to write his next book without hand-holding.

Coffee culture the bookI did have a few sleepless nights while doing this book, but not through stress. That kind of thing happens after you’ve had 10 or 15 double espressos in a day.