Expanded visitor’s guide Kruger National Park

zebra Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park Expanded Visitors Guide

Look, writing travel books isn’t all romance and glamour you know. It’s hard work, and sometimes it can be quite stressful. But, when I was commissioned to tart up Map Studio’s Kruger Park visitor’s guide, I gave it some serious thought – for about 25 seconds – and then I packed my car and headed straight up there.

Oh shame, poor me. A month in Kruger. I really had fun with this one. Even when you’re working to tight deadlines, there is something about being in the bush that just lowers your blood pressure – and possibly rewires your brain. In fact, the weird thing was that, when I left the park I almost had a panic attack. I had not driven over 50km/h for weeks, and most of that time I’d stuck to 40km/h or less. But once out the park all these maniacs were overtaking me, and in self-defence I had to speed up to a terrifying 80km/h. Seriously, it took days for me to get used to driving at 120km/h again.