Ultimate Guide to Cape Town and the Western Cape

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Ultimate Guide to the Western Cape food wine adventure

I think it might be going a bit far to call this the ultimate guide to Cape Town and the Western Cape, but I like to think it might be up there. I didn’t choose the name – that was Wesgro. And kudos to them for taking seriously their mandate to market the Western Cape – not that it’s a hard sell.

I mean, hey, what’s not to love! Stunning beaches, more flowers than you could ever imagine, wine, food, crazy adventures, weird museum, cute little dorpies, funny old shops, funky art galleries and studios, and more.

For me the Western Cape – and Cape Town specifically – is home, so researching and writing this was a real joy, and I hope it encourages you to come and visit. But not until we have some water in the dams, OK. Pretty Please!