Travel content


Travel is one of the most popular online purchases. Even people who would never think of buying books, music, clothes or groceries online won’t hesitate to research destinations, buy tickets and even book hotels online. Somehow travel and the internet are a marriage made in heaven. And good travel content is what makes that marriage work.

Content is Queen

And it’s not just because you need good need travel content for optimum SEO. Potential travellers really need good information. They need up-to-date, accurate, relevant travel content in order to make meaningful and informed decisions. And if they can’t make meaningful decisions, they won’t make purchases.

I have written loads of travel guides (on paper) since long before travel web sites were even dreamed of. And I do a lot of indexing, which is all about figuring out how people look for information. And I use this experience when writing travel guides, and travel content. So, if you’re looking for well structured, well written, accurate, useful and entertaining content about southern Africa, contact me.

I wrote a lot of the initial content for the South African Tourism website, and some of it is still there. Other clients include SafariNow, Nightjar Travel, Siyabona Africa, Content traveller and Dirty Boots.